vRealize Application Remote Collector enables virtual infrastructure administrators and application administrators to discover applications running in provisioned Guest operating systems at a scale and to collect run-time metrics of the operating system and application for monitoring and troubleshooting respective entities.


To monitor and collect metrics for your applications and operating systems supported by vRealize Application Remote Collector, follow these steps in vRealize Operations Manager:

  1. Activate the VMware vRealize Application Management Pack.
    1. Login to VMware vRealize Operations Manager
    2. From the menu, click Administration, and then in the left pane click Solutions > Repository.
    3. From the Native Management Packs section, navigate to VMware vRealize Application Management Pack and click Activate to install the management pack.
  2. Download the vRealize Application Remote Collector by clicking the Download icon in the Application Remote Collector page. Deploy the vRealize Application Remote Collector using vSphere Web Client.
  3. Configure an application remote collector.
  4. Install agents on selected VMs and discover and manage application services. vRealize Application Remote Collector supports 20 application services in vRealize Operations Manager. Once Configured, vRealize Application Remote Collector starts collecting data.
  5. Monitor your applications in vRealize Operations Manager.

Note : Supported Versions of Application Services



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