Updating an Citrix AppDisk

You might be asked to deploy new set of applications or update the existing applications to new release. In that scenario you might decide to update the existing AppDisk assigned to the users. At present Citrix don’t provide any option to upgrade the existing AppDisk as there is...
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Configuring AppDNA and Analyzing an AppDisk for Compatibility Issues

Application Layering technology is not new now and their are several application layering solution’s available now. the major differentiator between other application layering technologies and Citrix AppDisk is its integration with AppDNA for Delivery group capability analysis. Once created you can test the capability of AppDisk against mutiple...
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Integrating XenApp/XenDesktop Delivery Studio with AppDNA

Introduction Citrix AppDNA is an application testing and management technology that detects and repairs compatibility problems that might prevent applications from migrating to a virtual desktop operating system easily. In one of my previous post I discussed the steps for Installation / Configuration of Citrix AppDNA Server. Once...
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Deploying Citrix AppDNA

Introduction to Citrix AppDNA One of the largest concerns that businesses searching at desktop virtualization must face is whether or not application packages will function effectively inside the new virtualized environment. Traditional awareness dictates performing rigorous manual utility testing, but granular software checking out isn’t always realistic. Your...
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Creating Citrix AppDisk

In few or my earlier post, we discussed Application Layering and also covered how you can virtualize an application using VMware application layering technology (VMware App Volumes). In this post I will be covering the process to virtualize and application using Citrix Application layering technology ( AppDisk ). If...
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