In my previous blog, I covered the deployment process of Tanzu Management Cluster using Tanzu Kubernetes Grid. In this blog I will be demonstrating how you use Tanzu Kubernetes Grid to deploy and manage Tanzu Kubernetes Workload clusters in a vSphere environment. The Tanzu Kubernetes Grid provides commands and options to perform lifecycle management operations like the Creation, Deletion, Scaling of a Kubernetes Workload Cluster.


Before you can create Tanzu Kubernetes clusters, you must have Tanzu Kubernetes Grid management cluster deployed and is up and running in healthy state.


To deploy Tanzu Kubernetes clusters, you run the tkg create cluster command, specifying different options to deploy the Tanzu Kubernetes clusters with different configurations. When you deploy a Tanzu Kubernetes cluster using the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid CLI by default Calico networking is automatically enabled in the cluster.


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