When vRealize Operations Manager is integrated with vRealize Log Insight, you can search and filter log events. From the Interactive Analytics tab in the Log Insight page, you can create queries to extract events based on timestamp, text, source, and fields in log events . vRealize Log Insight presents charts of the query results.

To access the Log Insight page from vRealize Operations Manager, you must either:

  • Configure the vRealize Log Insight adapter from the vRealize Operations Manager interface, or
  • Configure vRealize Operations Manager in vRealize Log Insight.


  1. In the menu, select Administration, and then from the left pane, select Management > Integrations.
  2. From the Integrations page, click VMware vRealize Log Insight.
  3. In the VMware vRealize Log Insight page complete the following steps:
    • Enter the IP address or FQDN in the Log Insight server text box of the vRealize Log Insight you have installed and want to integrate with.
    • Select the collector group from the Collectors/Groups drop-down menu.
    • Click Test Connection to verify that the connection is successful.
    • Click Save.



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