One of the services that the NSX Edge provides is IP address pooling and one-to-one static IP address allocation and external DNS services. NSX Edge listens to the internal interface for DHCP requests and uses the internal interface IP as the default gateway for clients.

In VMware NSX Edge DHCP service comply to the following guidelines:

  • Listens on the NSX Edge internal interface for DHCP discovery.
  • Uses the IP address of the internal interface on NSX Edge as the default gateway address for all clients and the broadcast and subnet mask values of the internal interface for the container network.

Lab Environment


In this post, I’ll show you how to configure

    • DHCP on the NSX Edge to provide IP addresses to clients on a logical switch.
    • DHCP on the NSX EDGE to provide IP Address to the clients connected to Distributed Logical Router(DLR) and DLR configured as DHCP Relay Server.


This concludes the demonstration of configuring DHCP Services on VMware NSX Edge Router. Hope this will be informative for you. Please do share if you find worth sharing it. Thanks for Reading!!!



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