VMware NSX SSL VPN-Plus allows remote users to access private networks behind a NSX Edge Gateway. You can access applications and servers running in the private network. Below is a diagram is taken from the NSX Admin Guide of the clients connect to the private network and also the support operating systems for the SSL VPN client:


To configure network access SSL VPN-Plus. Login to vCenter Web Client and go to “Network and Security”

Click on NSX Edge. Double click on Edge Gateway Services account

Click on SSL VPN-Plus Tab.

Create an IP Pool for the client connecting via VPN.

Add the Private Network you want to allow user connecting over VPN.

Select the Authentication Server Type.

Start the SSL VPN Service

Open the browser and browse external IP address over https. https://<External_IP_Address_of_ESG>


Verify the communication from VPN Client to internal network.


This concludes the configuration of SSL VPN-Plus on a VMware NSX Edge Gateway Services router. Hope this will be informative for you. Please share if you find worth sharing it. Thanks for Reading!!!

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