In few of the previous blogs we covered

  1. Installation of VMware App Volumes Manager
  2. Installation of VMware App Volumes Agent
  3. Capturing Applications in AppStacks

In this blog, I will be demonstrating how you to provision applications captured in an App Stack to the user’s runtime. Post creation of AppStack, you can assign the applications to users, groups or computers. Once assigned, the AppStack, the application will deploy within seconds in real time or next login.


  1. Login to VMware App Volumes Manager Admin Console
  2. Select the AppStack you want to assign & Click on Assign
  3. Search for the Active Directory User or Group & Click on Assign
  4. Choose when you want applications to be available to the users
    1. Immediately
    2. On Next Login
  5.  Users will get access to applications immediately or on next Logon.



This concludes the demonstration of how you can assign applications to uses using VMware App Volumes. Hope this will be informative for you. Thanks for Reading!!!. Be social and share if you find worth sharing it.

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