Application Pools in VMware Horizon pool allows  administrator to provides access to  applications hosted on servers in a data center instead  of users personal computers or  devices.  Using  application pools you can deliver a single application hosted on a farm of RDS hosts. Once deployed,  entitled users can access the application from anywhere  on the  network. Application deployed  using Application pools supports  both PCoIP and VMware Blast  display protocols.

Before application pool deployment,  application servers where application will be hosted  is required to be Remote Desktop  Session Host Role installed and applications are installed on the  application server.

Creating Application  Pool  Step  by Step


  1. Set up RDS hosts.
  2. Create a farm that contains the RDS hosts. See Creating Farms.

Post  creating Farm containing RDS Host,  Click on Application Pools under Catalog. Click on Add to create a new Application pool.


Select  the  RDS  farm having  the RDS host  where applications are installed.  You will see the list of hosted applications in RDS farm. Select  the applications you want to be  accessible to  the users. Click Next to  proceed.


Click on Finish. Choose “Entitle  users after  this wizard finishes” if  you want to  entitle  applications to  the users immediately after Farm creation.  You can entitle  the applications  at later stage as well.   4 5

Users can see the entitled  applications in the list post  connecting  using VMware Horizon Client.

6 7Summary

Application pool makes the application deployment  process very easy. Instead of deploying applications individually on each user desktops,  you can now deploy the application  only once  and make  accessible to  the  many users. I hope this will be informative for you. Thanks for Reading. Do share it on social media if you find it worth sharing. Happy Learning :-).

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