VMware offers certified compatibility guides which list System, I/O, Storage/SAN and Backup compatibility with VMware Infrastructure and previous versions of VMware ESX Server. VSAN Health Check leverage VMware Compatibility Guide database for various health checks stored on vCenter Server in place of VMware website.

VMware ships a copy of VMware compatibility guides database can be used for HCL Checks which was current when released. The VMware compatibility Guides database becomes outdated with time because of new certification with partners keep getting added to VMware Compatibility Guide database.  Hardware vendors regularly update their drivers and VMware adds certification for them. Therefore, it is critically important to keep the local copy up-to-date.

In one of my earlier post, I covered VSAN Hardware Compatibility list checker a very nice VMware Fling to verify the VSAN underline hardware.

VMWare VSAN HCL database can be automatically from VMware website if vCenter server can connect to Internet directly or via proxy. If you don’t have direct or proxy internet access, VMware VSAN HCL database can be downloaded manually and uploaded to vCenter Server. To download VMware VSAN HCL database manually, open the below URL in a web browser and save the content in a file with JSON extension.


Once you have VSAN updated HCL database JSON file, you can upload the same to vCenter Server using Web Client.

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In this post we covered the steps to update VSAN HCL database offline. Thanks for Reading. Be social and share it in social media, if you fee worth sharing it. Happy Learning 🙂


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