VMware HCX extended to VMware Cloud on AWS

Recently VMware announced the preview of VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension service as an add-on service to VMware Cloud on AWS. It was currently available with just two public cloud partners – IBM and OVH only. With HCX extension to VMware Cloud on AWS, customers can adopt all the new features offered on VMware Cloud on AWS without the need to refactor applications and redo security and compliance architectures.  Using VMware HCX extension to VMware Cloud on AWS, organizations will now be able to move applications to VMware Cloud on AWS without any change in IP and any impact to application runtime, performance, and reachability.

VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension service provide large scale application migration and mobility between legacy VMware vSphere environments (vSphere 5.0+) and VMware Cloud on AWS. An organization can now perform a secure live migration to VMware Cloud on AWS over a  WAN-optimized hybrid interconnect whilst ensuring business continuity.



Organizations can now onboard application to the VMware Cloud on AWS while having their security enforcement points (such as DMZs, Firewalls etc.), SSO domains, logging/monitoring and management solutions all on-premises. Organizations can now deploy applications on VMware Cloud on AWS while storage and database residing on-premises.

What is VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension?

VMware HCX is a SaaS offering that provides application mobility and infrastructure hybridity across different vSphere versions, on-premises and in the cloud. It abstracts on-premises and cloud resources and presents them as one continuous hybrid cloud to the application. Above this,  HCX also provides high-performance, secure and optimized multisite interconnects.  HCX offers bi-directional application mobility between any vSphere version (5.0+).  VMware HCX includes vMotion, Bulk Migration, High Throughput Network Extension, WAN optimization, Traffic Engineering, Load Balancing, Automated VPN with Strong Encryption and secured data center Interconnectivity.
At the time of initial installation Hybrid Cloud Extension appliance is installed. Once deployed Hybrid Cloud Extension will get integrated with vSphere web client so you can use the same management environment.
Futher it will install one or more of the following appliances as required by your use.
  1. Hybrid Interconnect Appliance:  Provides a secure hybrid interconnect to the remote site with intelligent routing.
  2. WAN Optimization Appliance:  Improves performance by utilizing WAN optimization techniques such as data de-duplication and line conditioning.
  3. Network Extension Service Appliance: Extends L2 networks to the remote site, enables moving VMs to the cloud without IP and MAC address changes. This service does not require the presence of NSX for vSphere.

Hybrid Cloud Extension is designed for the following use cases:

  1. Extend on-premises data center to the cloud.
  2. Perform bulk migration of workloads from older vSphere environments to a full SDDS IaaS.
  3. Move applications to the cloud without changing to design, IP, or MAC address.
  4. Span application across private and public clouds and migrate as needed.
  5. Enable DR to the cloud and from cloud to cloud.


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