In few of my earlier post, I covered the step by step process of Refreshing and Reblancing Virtual desktops in a pool. Another administrative activity you might be required to be performed on a pool for Updating Linked Clone Desktop Pool provisioned in a Desktop Pool. Updation can be providing new OS to the end users i.e. upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 or it can be providing new applications to the end users in existing OS. In both the case, you will be required to recompose the Pool  / Desktop.

At the time of recomposing, all the linked clones desktops are attached to a new replica. As the linked cloned desktops are connected to a new replica, all changes occurred in the existing delta disk will be lost and users will get brand new virtual desktop. The Recompose command can be used to roll out new software or a new service pack.

Updating Linked Clone Desktop Pool

You can either update linked clone individually or all the desktop in a pool. To update all the linked clone desktops in a Pool, Login to VMware Horizon Admin Console and go to Catalog –> Desktop Pool . Double click on the pool you want to update.

In my Lab I have deployed a linked clone using Base OS image.


Under View Composer select Recompose2

Change the Parent VM if you want to use a different parent Virtual Machine or Change the snapshot if you want to keep the same parent VM but different updated snapshot.3

Schedule when you want to perform this task.4

Click Finish to update the linked clone desktop pool.5

Linked clone desktop will enter in maintenance mode and then update will be applied. As we are updating the linked clone desktop using an updated snapshot a complete new replica will be created on the datastore.6 7

Once deployed, entitled users can connect to assigned desktops.8


Updating a linked clone desktop is a process utilize lot of resources during customization, it is advisable to schedule recomposing task during off peak hours. I hope this will be informative for you. Thanks for Reading!!! Be Social and share it in Social media, if you feel worth sharing it


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