Introduction to Base Layer

Once reference machine is centralized to a reference CVD on the Mirage server, you can capture a new base layer from that reference CVD. You can either capture the base layer from an existing reference CVD or a new reference CVD as a new source of layer capture. The base layer captures a point-in-time snapshot of the data and state of the live reference machine. It’s a template for deploying common desktop contents to endpoints. A base layer can include the operating system, service packs and patches, and core enterprise applications and their settings. You can assign a single base layer and multiple application layers (for application provisioning).

Assign a single base layer and optional multiple app layers to endpoints and automatically synchronize the full image with all associated endpoints

Creating Base Layer

Login to VMware Mirage Management Console. Click on Reference CVDs. Right-click on the Reference CVD to capture the base layer. Click on Capture Base Layer.

Choose the option to create a new layer or update an existing layer.

If you see any errors in Validation Box, fix the errors. You can ignore the warnings in case you get any. Click on Next 

Click Finish to start the  Base Layer capture process.

You can see the status under Task Monitoring


In this post, we covered the steps to capture Base Layer from a Reference CVD. In next post, I will be covering the process to capture Application layer. Hope this would be informative for you. Thanks for Reading!!. Be social and share if you find worth sharing it.

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